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Sun Surf Animal Hospital in Indian Rocks Beach offers a comprehensive array of services to care for your pet at any stage of their life, from puppies and kittens to senior dogs and cats. Whether it’s a routine service, treatment for an illness, or emergency care, our veterinarians will be with you and your pet at every step.


When your dog or cat needs medication, either prescription or over the counter, our Indian Rocks Beach animal hospital has a pharmacy with a wide range of flea and tick preventative options available.


If your pet is experiencing unusual symptoms, the team at Sun Surf Animal Hospital can diagnose the problem through blood and other types of tests. These are analyzed in our lab and we can inform you of the results the next day. Our diagnostic services are also useful for detecting problems before symptoms manifest, which can protect your pet from serious illnesses. We will then come up with a customized treatment plan based on the test results (if needed) to bring your pet back to full health.

Surgery & Hospitalization

When you pet requires minor or major surgery, Sun Surf Animal Hospital’s expert veterinarian team performs any type of procedure. We have the most advanced equipment on the market and when your pet requires anesthesia, you can rest assured we will administer it with care and precision. We are your best source for spaying and neutering in the Indian Rocks Beach area. In some cases, your pet will require hospitalization for observation or extended care. During this time, extensive monitoring, food, medication, and affection will be given to your pet to keep them comfortable and safe until they go home with you.


If your pet has a medical emergency, bring them in to Sun Surf Animal Hospital right away and someone will be available to care for your pet immediately.

Dental Care

It’s important to take care of your pet’s teeth by brushing them regularly and keeping an eye on their mouth for any dental problems. A step further involves regular professional cleanings, exams, and procedures as needed and the Sun Surf Animal Hospital team provides all these services to keep your doggy or kitty’s teeth clean and healthy.

Exams & Vaccinations

Just as people do, pets benefit greatly from yearly physicals to monitor their health and aging and to detect any problems early. Our Indian Rocks Beach vet clinic offers these exams, which you can schedule ahead of time. Most pet owners know that vaccinations are an ongoing requirement for your pet that doesn’t end after the puppy or kitten stage. We can provide you with a shots schedule and send out reminders for boosters to ensure your pets are protected from all preventable diseases.

For Your Convenience

To accompany all of our veterinary services in Indian Rocks Beach, we accept cash and credit cards, along with CareCredit financing. You can also schedule an appointment or ask us questions by visiting our Contact Us page.

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